Active Carbon Face Mask Ear Loop 4 ply

Activated Carbon Filter Face Mask, 4 ply is made of Polypropelyne Spunbond, Meltblown nonwoven fabric and Active Carbon Filter Fabric with adjustable nose strip to give maximum protection and comfort to the user. It's mainly used for protection odour. Avaliable with flat or round elastic (latex free) style industrial environment.
Width across face : 175 mm + / - 2 mm
Depth pleated : 95 mm + / - 2 mm
Depth in full : 175 mm + / - 2 mm
Nose strip : 95 mm + / - 2 mm
Loop size : 155 mm + / - 5 mm
Benefit and standards
Excellent breathability
Non irritating, fiber glass free fabric
Ultrasonic welding
Non irritating, fiber glass free fabric
100% Polyplopylene Non-woven spunbond
Splash resistant
Comply with EN 14683, ISO 9001 and 14001
Ultrasonic welding manufacturing process

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